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Hi, I’m Janice Cumberlidge,

founder of  fearless BY NATURE


As I sit here a few days away from my 47th birthday, I know I’m not so different to many other women of my age. During my twenties, youth was on my side. In my thirties, I started to notice changes to my body and my skin – changes that meant I had to work harder to keep myself in shape and young-looking. Although my forties brought the power of wisdom and a certain confidence in the person I’d become, that thing called ageing was knocking on my door and was ever-determined to make its mark.

Around five years ago, I asked a friend what she used to keep her skin so tight and glowing, and her answer was simple: oil. Since that moment, I’ve been hooked on using oils on my face, body and more recently, my hair. I might be in my late forties but I truly believe that applying oil every day has kept fine lines to a minimum and youth on my side. I can’t say enough good things about oils, and in particular the ones I’ve chosen to include in my debut range (which, needless to say, I’m using every day!).

Oils are truly the Gods of skincare. What better to put on your skin than the thing that your skin naturally produces every day? And how better to do it than with a carefully selected blend of oils that when combined, have the ability to keep us youthful and give us some of that confidence in our appearance we might otherwise lose.

Welcome to my brand of oils, fearless BY NATURE. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Let’s be fearless together.


My Mission

To empower women to regain some of the fearlessness we were all born with, by living a healthier lifestyle and saying NO to what does not serve us.

To be fearless is not to have no fear – far from it – we all have fears that we live with day in, day out.

To be fearless is to learn to overcome fears; to say no to what society expects us to conform to if it doesn’t sit comfortably in our hearts; to challenge erroneous ways of thinking in favour of a mindset that leads to better mental health; to reject what does us harm, physically and emotionally; to encourage differences in who we are and what we believe in; to say yes to cleaner, greener living; to create a world where everyone supports and lifts each other up instead of competing to beat each other down; to strive to become healthier, fitter, more fulfilled, vibrant versions of ourselves…for life.

Small changes can contribute towards an overall shift: sharing my cruelty-free, vegan skincare is just one small way I can help you towards this goal; by saying yes to small ethical businesses and saying no to the corporate brands who don’t care what effect their products have on your health, we both win; sharing stories of women who have shown extreme courage to overcome fears and hardship will help you see that we can recover from dire situations and anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

If you have a story to tell, contact me below.

My Theme Tune to Life – What’s Yours?

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